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[CASE STUDY] Custom E-RAD Software for Virginia Mining Truck Client

Custom E-RAD Software for Virginia Mining Truck ClientMaxpro has customers all over the country, often companies that have a global reach. One of these businesses is a Virginia mining company that sells equipment all over the world.

And this company had a dilemma that a lot of companies in its situation would face: How to use our equipment to perform the tasks they need to perform in areas with a workforce that may not have the proper training or speak the same language.

Safety is paramount in any mining operation, but it becomes even more important when working in remote areas where workers may not have immediate access to emergency medical treatment.

“You absolutely can’t get yourself hurt no matter what” in these situations, says Maxpro Corporation President Tom Macey.

It’s this dilemma that led Maxpro to develop a new tool for precisely this sort of situation. We customized a high-capacity E-RAD torque tool, designing it with extremely user-friendly software.

“The idea is to have a tool that’s simple to use anywhere in the world,” said Macey.

The tool’s custom E-RAD software allows workers to use the torque tool “with no language, education or training barriers.”

Maxpro is a major supplier of RAD torque equipment like the custom E-RAD software we described to a number of different mining companies. Caterpillar uses RAD and Maxpro for some its most crucial bolting operations. Companies performing surface and deep mining operations use our hydraulic and pneumatic torque tools.

Contact us today to learn more about how Maxpro can help your mining operation. In addition to performing operations like our custom E-RAD software project, we can repair your torque tools and calibrate them in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

No matter where you operate in the world, we have the tools and the expertise to make sure your job gets done, and gets done safely. 

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