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Bolting and Fastening for Wind Turbines

Bolting and Fastening for Wind Turbines Maxpro

Wind Turbine Torque Tools and Why You Need Them

Most, if not all, machinery needs maintenance at some point in time, and wind turbines are no different. A big part of maintenance involves taking off nuts and bolts and re-attaching them during the assembly stage. This is when torque settings become especially important. Bolts need to be tightened according to a predetermined torque setting to ensure the smooth and safe running of the machine. The manufacturer determines torque settings.

In some cases, the entire wind turbine needs to be assembled following predetermined torque and tension settings. In other cases, only the blades and tower sections may have torque specifications. Either way, you need to use wind turbine torque tools to get the job done.

The Primary Areas of a Wind Turbine

Although wind turbines may look like one entity, you can divide them into three basic parts. They are;

  • The foundation
  • Tower
  • Nacelle

The foundation is usually the trickiest part when it comes to maintenance. For offshore situations, there are a variety of wind turbine torque tools available to get the job done safely. For onshore applications, hydraulic tensioning tools are the most common choice. For tower and nacelle maintenance, the manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed using the appropriate wind turbine torque tools.

The Basic Types of Wind Turbine Torque Tools

Though there are many different types of wind turbine torque tools and tension tools on the market today, they can be divided into three basic types: electric, battery, and hydraulic torque wrenches. Deciding on which one to use depends on factors such as convenience, cost, and specifications.

Battery Operated Torque Wrenches:

The main advantage of battery-operated torque wrenches is convenience. Capable of being run using rechargeable batteries, battery-operated wrenches can be taken anywhere and be used to do the job. Controlling torque setting is done by regulating the output voltage. The biggest change to happen to rechargeable tools was the arrival of Lithium-ion batteries, which is also true of wind turbine torque tools. Battery operated wrenches powered by Lithium-ion batteries can put out 5000 ft-lbs of torque and tighten over 90 bolts with one battery! With some of the latest battery-operated wrenches, you can record the torque applied to individual nuts and bolts as well.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches:

For industrial use, hydraulic torque wrenches are the go-to equipment to apply torque to fasteners, because of hydraulic wrenches’ capability to be applied directly to the nut, it is easy to use. Hydraulic wrenches are also the most powerful of the three.

Bolt Tensioners:

If you need to stretch a bolts stud or shaft, then bolt tensioners are the tools to use. Bolt tensioners are generally only found as hydraulically powered tools. In certain situations, holt tensioners are more useful and easier to use than hydraulic torque wrenches. The reason being that bolt tensioners are capable of giving consistent tension loads on bolts.

Buying vs. Renting Wind Turbine Torque Tools

If you need wind turbine installation or maintenance work done, you have two options; buy or rent the tools. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. Factors such as how often maintenance needs to be done or how complex the job is, play into the decision-making process. However, if you go the rental route, the number of choices you have in terms of wind turbine torque tools is virtually unlimited. A company such as Max-Pro has every type of tool you need for wind turbine installation. Max-Pro not only supplies wind turbine torque tools but is also capable of maintaining the tools. The gamut of options that Max-Pro offers are:

  • Calibration Services for wind turbine torque tools
  • Repair services for torque tools
  • Torque wrench
  • Availability of tools for a wide variety of industries

Therefore, if you need to rent or buy wind turbine torque tools or repair your existing tools, Max-Pro is capable of taking care of your needs. Contact Max Pro today.

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