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RAD Digital DB vs B-RAD Battery Torque Wrench

Battery-powered wrenches are among the most popular items we sell, so it makes sense that one of our most frequently-asked questions has to do with these torque tools:

“What is the difference between the RAD Digital D-BRAD battery torque wrench (or DB) and the RAD B-RAD battery torque wrench?”

And while their names might make them sound like interchangeable tools, there are some significant differences between these battery-powered, high-capacity torque wrenches.

In this blog post, we’ll explain the differences between and advantages of each tool.


Both tools are fully ISO 17025 calibrated, to an accuracy of +/- 5% F.S.

The difference here is that the DB style torque wrench can be set to 1 ft/lb. or NM increments, while the B-RAD can be set at every 10 ft/lbs. or NM.

Digital-B-RAD-Application-5Intrinsically Safe

The B-RAD tool, with its brushless motor, comes with an approved Class 1, Division 2 intrinsically safe certificate. D-BRAD battery torque wrenches, with their brushed motor, do not carry this certificate.


The B-RAD has a brushless motor, while the DB has a brushed-style motor. The brushless motor allows the B-RAD to be used in certain volatile environments.


All DB wrenches are built with a two-speed style gearbox, while B-RAD tools are available in both single speed and two-speed gearbox configurations.

However, the B-RAD brushless motor is generally faster, and tool-for-tool gives the brushless tools a higher RPM.

Auto Back-Off

The BRAD style tool automatically backs off (releases torque) on the bolt after the final torque is applied, meaning the operator doesn’t have to put the tool in the reserve to get it to detach. Meanwhile, the DB style tool does not automatically release it after the torque is applied.

Pre-Set Torque Set Up

The digital controller on the DB battery torque wrench gives the operator the ability to set up to eight pre-set torque settings on the screen. The B-RAD battery torque wrench does not have that option.


DB-style tools are about 10 percent higher in cost due to their programmable digital controller, allowing for the eight pre-set torque points we just mentioned.

Do you have questions about which of these battery-powered torque wrenches is right for your application? Maxpro will be happy to answer them.

As the nation’s leading RAD tool supplier, we’re prepared to answer all of your queries on these tools, from use to repair to certification. Contact us today to learn more.

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