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Battery Torque Tool Updates

When we look back at previous posts, we see that Battery Torque Wrenches are among the most popular items that we sell. It makes sense for this blog to share our latest updates about the Battery Torque Wrenches. We’re going to discuss the differences between B-RAD Select BL and B-RAD Select BL Offset. This blog will get into detail about what the perks and benefits of each and why they still are popular.MaxPro060420

First, we look at the B RAD Selects. The new B RAD Select series torque wrenches comes with two simple buttons to increase or decrease the value by 10 ft lbs. One unique feature about the B RAD Select tool, it has an automatic back off once the torque cycle is complete. Usually these tools are in jobs, where electricity and compressed air are not available. The tool comes in with eight models, with 500 ft lbs. on the low end to 5000 ft lbs. on the high end. All tools come with a reaction arm, two batteries, charger and a retaining ring. Other accessories are also available.

Next, is the New B-RAD Off Set Battery Series. These battery powered torque wrenches fit where the standard wrenches don’t. The tool operates much like the standard B RAD Select series. The major difference, the torque multiplies/ gear box side is placed in an offset position. This can make the wrench be used better to tighten down bolts and reach into tight spaces, where the standard BRAD tool can’t reach. This tool like the B RAD Select Series includes a reaction arm, two batteries, charger and a retaining ring. The B RAD Off Set Model comes in seven different models, with torque ranges up to 3000 ft lbs.

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