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RAD Nose Extensions

Hard-to-reach applications come with the territory in some industries, and at RAD Torque, we take that challenge seriously. Whatever flexibility you need, we’ve got nose extensions to help, with 48 options to choose from, available in imperial and metric sizes.

We offer fixed nose extensions with paddles welded on to the end, as well as ones without any reaction arm to facilitate additional flexibility. And if we don’t have what you need off the shelf? Talk to us about designing a custom nose extension to meet your specific requirements.

A “fixed” Nose Extension has a paddle welded onto the end of the Nose Extension.

A Nose Extension without a reaction arm allows for more flexibility.

*Please note that the reaction arm is not included and must be ordered separately.

Need a custom tool? Contact us for more information.

Available Models:
2503LDFN, 6004LDFN

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