Electric Series Options

Electric Torque Wrenches

Electric Series Options

E-RAD Electric Torque Wrench Kit Options

All E-RAD electric torque wrench kits come complete with the Electric Torque Wrench, Controller Cables, Control Box and Reaction Arm. Make your selection from each of the components detailed below to make up your kit.

ERAD Controlbox Setup Diagram





Cable Length
Control Box
Reaction Arms

Cable Length Options (select one):

The ERAD electric torque wrench is connected to the controller box by controller cables. The cable length that comes standard with each ERAD tool kit is 15 feet. You may select the option of a 20 foot or 25 foot cable. If your application calls for something longer, you can request a custom length cable for your electric torque wrench.


Part No. Description Cable Length (ft)
21217 Cable length from controller to tool model (standard with tool) 15
21218 Cable length from controller to tool model 20
21219 Cable length from controller to tool model 25

Controller Box Options (select one):

The controller box of the ERAD electric torque wrench kits is a critical component. It allows you to adjust torque and angle, has digital single increment torque settings, collects data of each torque sequence and has password protection. The E-RAD Blu Touch Controller is available in 120 volts or 220 volts.


Part No. Description Case Type Voltage Length Height Width
21221 Controller Weatherproof Assembly 120 13.3" 6.0" 11.6"
21220 Controller Weatherproof Assembly 220 13.3" 6.0" 11.6"

Reaction Arms

contact btnEvery torque application has a reaction point, so included in your E-Series tool kit is a standard reaction arm. Other reaction arm styles are available to fit your needs – deep socket, double ended, blank and double ended blank. Or, we can design a Custom Reaction Arm to suit your specific application.

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