RAD 15DX TV Torque Wrench Kit

Transducer Verification Torque Wrenches

RAD 15DX TV Torque Wrench Kit

The RAD Transducer Verification Series are pneumatic tools with built in transducer for Torque Verification! With strain gage technology, you will be able to record every bolt cycle. The data is easily up-loadable onto your computer, or view in real time with a tablet or smart phone via bluetooth technology!

  • Smooth continuous torque – no hammering or ratcheting
  • Highest Power-to-Weight ratio of any power tool
  • Tool accuracy of +/-4%
  • Transducer accuracy of +/-1%
  • Reduced noise levels: only 80 db
  • Versatile torque range: 300 to 1500 ft/lbs. (400 to 2000 Nm)
  • Exclusive low profile reaction arm takes virtually all the operational load off the operator, reducing injuries and greatly reducing operating costs
  • Calibrated traceable to ISO 17025 standards
Tool Kit/Dimensions
Reaction Arms

RAD 15DX TV & 20DX TV Specifications

Part No. Tool Model Drive Size Torque (low-high) RPM Weight Noise Level
22885 15DX TV 1.0 in. 300-1500 ft/lbs. 10 8.6 lbs. 80 db
22887 20DX TV 1.0 in. 400-2000 Nm 10 3.9 kg 80 db

RAD Tool Kit Includes:

  • Calibrated Torque Wrench
  • Standard Reaction Arm
  • 12′ Hose & Fittings
  • Regulator Assembly & Tool Holder
  • Calibration Chart/Certificate
  • Owner’s Manual

RAD 15DX TV Dimensions

15DX TV diagram

Reaction Arms for RAD 15DX TV & 20DX TV Torque Wrenches

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