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RAD 10GX-2 Torque Wrench Kit

High Speed Tools

RAD 10GX-2 Torque Wrench Kit

  • Smooth continuous torque – no hammering or ratcheting
  • Highest Power-to-Weight ratio of any power tool
  • Accuracy of +/-5%
  • Repeatability of +/-2%
  • Reduced noise levels: only 85 db
  • Versatile torque range: 350 to 1000 ft/lbs. (450 to 1350 Nm)
  • Lightweight ergonomic grip reduces operator strain
  • Calibrated traceable to NIST standards
Tool Kit/Dimensions
Reaction Arms

RAD 10GX-2 & 14GX-2 Specifications

Part No. Tool Model Drive Size Torque (low-high) RPM Weight Noise Level
10644 10GX-2 3/4 in. 350-1000 ft/lbs. 90 9.9 lbs. 80 db
19774 14DX-2 3/4 in. 450-1350 Nm 85 4.5 kgs. 85 db

RAD Tool Kit Includes:

  • Calibrated Torque Wrench
  • Standard Reaction Arm
  • 12′ Hose & Fittings
  • Regulator Assembly & Tool Holder
  • Calibration Chart/Certificate
  • Owner’s Manual

RAD 10GX-2 Dimensions

10GX 2 diagram

Reaction Arms for RAD 10GX-2 & 14GX-2 Torque Wrenches

contact btnIf you do not see a Reaction Arm that fits your needs, call us at 888-315-0175, or we can design a Custom Reaction Arm specific for your bolting application.