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3/4" Square Drive Series

RAD® Pneumatic Torque Wrenches

Industrial Pneumatic Bolting & Torque Wrenches

These RAD® torque wrenches are a reliable and dependable solution for the installation and removal of heavy-duty fasteners.

This stall-type tool eliminates destructive hammering with their continuous flow of controlled torque. They are available in both Standard (ft/lbs) and Metric (Nm) models.

All RAD® Pneumatic Torque Wrenches are sold as a Kit which include the following:

  • RAD® Torque Wrench
  • Standard Reaction Arm with Retaining Ring
  • 12' Hose with Fittings
  • Ergonomic Tool Holder and Regulator Assembly
  • Users Manual and Torque/PSI Chart
  • Accuracy: stall type tool with controlled torque capable of +/-5% accuracy and +/-2% repeatability
  • Power: highest power-to-weight ratios of any pneumatic controlled bolting system
  • Safety: lightweight ergonomic pistol grip reduces operator strain and injury

RAD Wrench and Tool Holder

Applications include:

  • Pipe flanges
  • Diesel engine bolts
  • Heavy equipment
  • Assembly plant applications
  • Tower bolts