Electric Torque Wrenches

E-RAD® Electric Torque Wrenches

The E-RAD® Series Electronic Torque Wrenches are recognized as the industry standard in high capacity torque tools.

With the industries smallest, lightest and fastest hand tools, RAD® has the widest range of tools available in today’s market place.

The E-RAD® series tools are known for the following features:

  • Accurate
  • High Quality
  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Safe




E-RAD electric torque wrenches are the most accurate high capacity torque wrench available on the market. Available from 100-7,500 ft/lbs, E-RAD has the most range of electric tools on the market. With accuracy of +/- 3% and torque repeatability of +/- 2%, this AC servo motor controlled tool is widely used in such critical industries, and wind turbine construction, military, defense, and nuclear power applications. 

  • Accuracy: stall type tool with controlled torque capable of +/-5% accuracy and +/-2% repeatability
  • Power: highest power-to-weight ratios of any pneumatic controlled bolting system
  • Safety: lightweight ergonomic pistol grip reduces operator strain and injury 

[VIDEO] Setting Up The E-RAD Blue: