B-RAD S 3000

Battery Torque Wrenches with Built-In Transducer

B-RAD S 3000

Battery Torque Wrench with Data Logging at your Fingertips

  • Each B-RAD S Series Battery Torque Wrench comes complete with:
    • Standard Reaction Arm and Retaining Ring
    • Two 18 Volt Batteries
    • Battery Charger
    • Weather Proof Storage Case

The B-RAD S, which stands for “strain gauge” technology, is equipped with a built-in transducer that offers real-time torque measurements for on-the-spot accuracy. The B-RAD S is a great tool for bolt auditing applications because of the built-in “prove” mode, which gives operators the ability to check a previously tightened bolt without risking and over torque.

With torque and angle capabilities, the B-RAD S is ready for the most critical applications and will hold up to scrutiny on a variety of projects. The B-RAD S includes Bluetooth connectivity, torque check functionality, and automatic reaction arm release to minimize your downtime and maximize your torque output.

Reaction Arms

B-RAD S 3000 Specifications

Part No. Tool Model Drive Size Torque (Low - High) RPM Weight
31806 B-RAD S 3000 1 in. 300 - 3000 ft/lbs. 3 15.9 lbs.
28270 B-RAD S 4000 1 in. 800 - 4000 Nm 3 6.7 kgs.
28271 B-RAD S 4000-2 1 in. 800 - 4000 Nm 20 6.7 kgs.

B-RAD S 3000 Display Close-up

B RAD1500 002


B-RAD S 3000 Dimensions


Corresponding Reaction Arms for B-RAD S 3000 Torque Wrench

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