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ASME Training - Bolt TorquingDo I have to take both the online training and the hands-on training to receive the Bolting Specialist Qualification?

Yes, in order to receive the Bolting Specialist Qualification, you do have to successfully complete all of the online courses and hands-on training. However, if you choose not to receive the Bolting Specialist Qualification, you are welcome to just complete the online courses. See Program Requirements for more details.

Do I need to submit an application?

After completing the online training, you will need to submit an application in order to be enrolled in the Final Examination. In the application, a reference will need to complete a form, verifying that you have completed at least 6 months of work experience in bolted joint assembly. This form should be completed by a supervisor or colleague. See Program Requirements for more details.

What do I receive after successfully completing the entire Bolting Specialist Qualification program?

After successfully completing the online training and the hands-on training, you will receive your Bolting Specialist Qualification certificate and card.

What is the cost of the program?

The first online course is free. The next three online courses may be purchased separately for $230 each.

The price for the hands-on training will vary based on the number of students being trained and location.

Contact Maxpro at 888-315-0175 or at for details on pricing for the hands-on course. Expenses and or travel costs will be determined once a training location is identified.

What do I receive after completing just the online training?

You will receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing each online course.

Do I need to purchase all parts of the online training?

Only if you wish to receive the Bolting Specialist Qualification.

Do I have to take the online training in order to take the hands-on training?

Yes, you must first complete the online training and pass each exam and the final exam before enrolling in hands-on training. See Program Requirements for more details.

How long do I have to complete the online courses?

After completing the first course, you will have 90 days to complete courses 2, 3, and 4.

How long do I have to complete the on-site training course?

After completing the online courses, you should take the hands-on training course within 6 months.

Where can I take the hands-on training?

You can take the training at Maxpro’s Authorized Training Facility in Horsham, Pa or we can come to you with our mobile capabilities!

What score do I need to receive on the exams?

You must score 100% on each exam in order to pass the online training and move on to the hands-on training. You will be allowed multiple attempts to pass each exam.

What is the hands-on-training cancellation policy?

Contact Maxpro Corporation at 888-315-0175 or via email at  for information regarding cancellations and rescheduling.


 *This training can only be taken after successful completion of all four online courses and the final examination.


 FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE PROGRAM OR HOW TO APPLY, CONTACT Maxpro Corporation’s Authorized Training Instructor, Alex Ricciardi toll-free at 888-315-0175 or via email at


*This qualification does not make any determination of an individual's capabilities in applying this general knowledge within a specific work environment or under actual working conditions. It remains the sole responsibility of the employer of the individual to determine competency for assigned tasks and work. It is not a certification.