Flange Joint Integrity Program

boltright pro screenshotThe team at Maxpro understands the importance of flange joint integrity and plant reliability. However, a leaking joint or loss of joint integrity can lead to catastrophic consequences such as loss of asset due to fire, contamination of the environment and even loss of life. Our technicians are trained to ensure all flanges have the correct hardware, proper lubrication & surface finish and the required bolt load to minimize the chance for leaks during the critical start-up phase.

BOLTRIGHT PRO is an innovative, bolted joint integrity software program, designed to assist our technicians & customers, with the assurance of accurate bolt load calculations, based on key input data, related to each specific bolted joint. BOLTRIGHT PRO has been primarily designed for use in the Oil & Gas industry, where the safe movement of hydrocarbons in a leak free environment is critical, however it can also assist in many other industries, where bolted joints are present.


  • Bolt Load Calculator – provides tightening method, required bolt-loads, tool settings and pass information
  • Calculation methodology – our unique proprietary methodology is traceable directly back to ASME PCC-1 latest version
  • Gauge impact of change – the user can alter any variable including the target assembly stress and quickly view the impact
  • Maxpro tool selector – allows the user to view the relative capacity of each tool in range and select the correct tool for the job
  • Joint Specification – ability to select from a list of standard and non-standard joints
  • Material library – user can select from many thousands of combinations of available Flange, Gasket and Fasteners
  • Conditions – Client can assess how a joint will perform overtime based on varying operating conditions
  • Tightening – Covers both torque and tension requirements and legacy flange patterns

boltright pro screenshot

Each completed flange will come with a Joint Tightening Report (JTR) detailing all available data about the joint including; flange size, material and rating, gasket type, bolt size and material grade, lubricant type and operating temperature.