Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama

Rent or Buy RAD Torque Equipment in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama

Maxpro sells high-quality RAD torque tools, including pneumatic, E-RAD electric, high speed B-RAD battery and hydraulic torque wrenches, torque multipliers, and RAD torque accessories. We also rent RAD torque equipment. Renting torque equipment gives our Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama customers a cost-effective option when they don’t want to make an outright purchase. We can provide same-day shipping on most rentals, and guarantee outstanding working condition on all our products.

RAD Torque Equipment for a Number of Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama Industries

Our more than 20 years’ experience serving the power generation industry, as well as experience with heavy construction, wind energy, pipeline, petrochemical, mining and quarry, manufacturing and military torque wrench equipment requirements in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama and many other states assures your complete satisfaction.

Skilled Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama Torque Wrench Repair Services for RAD tools

Maxpro’s plant has a fully-staffed repair team, able to fix any product that we have for rental or sale. We only use OEM factory parts, and all of our repairs come with a six-month limited warranty. In addition to providing RAD torque wrench repair in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama, our technicians can fix any major brand of torque wrench, including IBT/Hexpro/MaxDrv, Torcup, TorcLite, Hytorc and more.

Expert Torque Wrench Calibration Services in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama

For more than 20 years, we have set the standard in the bolting and torque equipment field. We specialize in pneumatic, electric and hydraulic torque, bolting and tension equipment, while also providing accredited calibration services to our customers in Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.

Torque tools have an important job to do, and it’s just as important to make sure they’re working properly. That’s why we’ve invested in state-of-the-art precision calibration and certification equipment. We also made the choice to become accredited by A2LA, the foremost ISO 17025 accreditation organization in the country. By getting the A2LA seal of approval, our clients can have the assurance they are working with a quality-driven lab.

About Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama

Power generation, pipeline, heavy manufacturing, railroad, these southern states have a wide variety of applications for Maxpro’s industrial torque equipment.  Maxpro’ s hydraulic, pneumatic and electric torque wrenches have all been part of the industrial expansion that has been taken place in the Southern US for over 10 years.  All of Maxpro’s torque equipment comes with ISO 17025 torque calibration certification which has been important to these industries.

Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama Customer Testimonial

“We partner with Maxpro with our ERAD and RAD torque equipment sales, rentals, repairs and calibrations.  They have helped our company become the leader in industrial torque equipment in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi in the last decade.” -- Southern Industrial Tools, Nashville, TN; authorized RAD equipment dealer

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